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Montplet enriches the everyday life experience within spaces defined by their inhabitants.

As a dedicated interior design studio under the guidance of Raquel Sogorb, Montplet's mission is to unlock the inherent potential of each location by meticulously attending to the surrounding environment and achieving equilibrium. Through active listening, we grasp the distinct requirements of every project, recognizing that spaces, like individuals, undergo transformation, constituting a continuous evolution akin to a living organism.

Our approach revolves around maintaining coherence and consistency, harmonizing with the natural essence and intrinsic identity of each space. We are committed to refraining from imposing external characteristics or styles upon environments that possess their own distinctive personas. At Montplet, we hold the belief that the culmination of a project surpasses its mere execution. It is over time and through utilization that spaces and their components risk becoming outdated. For this reason, we offer an enduring commitment to continuity and ongoing support, ensuring their vibrancy. This commitment encompasses periodic evaluations, encompassing part.

© Photography: Beatriz Janer


Commission for a housing development. Definition of all the different finishes. Including the lighting project.


Porcelain tiles
Laminate parquet